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Forum Rules and Community Guidelines

Postby v.tedeev » Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:48 am

Official Rules and Guidelines for Starfall Tactics Forums

Greetings, commanders! Thank you for coming on board our vessel. On behalf of Snowforged Entertainment, we'd like to thank you for joining us on this flight. It is our hope that this will be an exhilarating journey across the galaxy for you.

Our team would like to ensure that this flight is pleasant and comfortable for all passengers aboard. We would like to provide a safe environment for the discussion of suggestions, ideas and thoughts related to Starfall Tactics. As such, there may be situations where all parties involved will need to refer to clear guidelines and rules for appropriate conduct.

To address this need, we have provided the following list of rules.

The Starfall Tactics forums are administered by Snowforged Entertainment. We reserve the right to amend or remove any forum post or other types of user-generated content at any time and without notice, if we feel that it is inappropriate or incorrectly categorized.

Posting privileges are provided as a courtesy that can be revoked at any time, at our discretion. By using the forums, you agree to our Terms of Service and give consent to follow the rules outlined below. Ignorance of the provided rules does not excuse violation of them. Depending on the severity, violations may result in a warning, temporary suspension, or a permanent ban of the user account in question.

The Official Starfall Tactics Forums Rules

General Rules

Avoid the following violations:
  • Duplicating topics and double-posting.
  • Continuously posting in an incorrect forum.
  • Re-posting about topics with existing major threads.
  • Using Caps Lock excessively.
  • Posting off-topic material in any thread outside of the Cantina (a dedicated forum section).
  • Posting spam (first, +1, 10char).
  • Posting links to phishing sites.
  • Openly arguing with a moderator or member of Snowforged Entertainment staff.

Do not post any topics/replies containing the following:
  • Anything construed as pornographic.
  • Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial, ethnic, national, life choice, religious, or political hatred or slurs.
  • Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of excessively sexual or violent acts.
  • Anything that insults or demeans any aspect of any sexual orientation.
  • Any release of personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) about yourself or other individuals.
  • Any language that can be perceived as an attack against other individuals and Snowforged Entertainment employees.
  • Anything construed as referring to human anatomy or bodily functions inappropriately.
  • Anything construed as excessively crude or offensive. Especially with strong opinions, it is important to communicate as constructively and respectfully as possible.
  • Anything that supports or encourages piracy, copyright infringement, hacking, exploits and other illegal activities, including posts about the ones committed personally.
  • Anything related to politics.
  • Anything related to religion.
  • Anything related to drugs and alcohol.
  • Anything related to the exchange of in-game items or accounts for real-world currency with other players.
  • Anything related to the exchange of real-world currency with other players.
Other prohibited activities and materials

Any direct and veiled promotion or recruitment for non-Snowforged Entertainment titles.
All forms of illegal or unfair play, including the use of third-party applications to gain an unfair advantage.
Creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of evading suspension or account closure.
Any impersonation of other individuals or Snowforged Entertainment's employees.

Please note

Forum names are subject to these rules. Account holders with forum names that are in violation of these rules may be contacted and asked to change their forum name or their forum name may be changed by Snowforged Entertainment staff. Otherwise, the account holder may be warned or suspended from the official forums.

Accounts found to be violating any of these rules may:
Be given a warning.
Be temporarily suspended from the official forums.
Be permanently banned (closed).

Not all situations may yet be covered by these rules and Snowforged Entertainment reserves the right to moderate at our discretion. Failure to follow these rules or any direction from Snowforged Entertainment representatives may result in action being taken against the offender's account.
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