[SOLID] Outer Heaven is recruiting!

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[SOLID] Outer Heaven is recruiting!

Postby derhesligebaum » Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:26 pm

You are a RTS and MMO veteran looking for an active clan with experienced leaders?
You are a total newbie searching for someone to teach you how to play the game?
You want to show the eclipse and vanguard scum which faction is the best?

The [SOLID] Multigaming clan enters Starfall Online right now and YOU have the chance to become one of its members!

Our lead for SFO consists of LordChaos1719 and Derhesligebaum, both of them have successfully taken part in various SFO tournaments and have been important members of the SFO community for a long time.

Join [Solid], the strongest Deprived house by members and reputation now so that the Deprived may reign superior!
[SOLID] Outer Heaven - coming to a star system near you soon!

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