First impressions from english release

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First impressions from english release

Postby derhesligebaum » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:17 pm

Feedback and Suggestions:


-more mining areas closer to the spawns, especially with the basic ores would be great


-having house rankings again would be good
-much of the house stuff is still untranslated
-it seems not to be possible to edit house rank names which would be fun for roleplaying
-Most important only being able to invite people via searching for their name is kind of bad. Instead a „house browser“ where players
can look up houses and apply as well as inviting people just by clicking when meeting them on the map would be superb


-In the Survival/Invasion Mode after some rounds (I think something between 15 and 20) the game freezes for a few minutes and then
redirects to the main menu
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